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New Mission

New Mission Update!

Hey Agents!

You've been asking and we promised you some more info about the new mission! In a couple months, you'll be using your Penguin Secret Agency skills again to try and stop a very determined Herbert...

What do you think he's planning this time? Look for more mission news in a few weeks.

In the meantime, you can practice your agent skills by doing the previous missions - and continue to keep the island safe. If you're not an agent yet, if your penguin is 30 days old, you can click the M at the top right of your screen. Then click the button that says: "Become a Secret Agent". You'll get to take a quiz to apply.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on February 27 2010 07:10

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

The Orange puffle Plays

 Here's how the orange puffle plays...
 After a Bubble Gum
 When it takes a bath
 When it sleeps
 When it eats :D
When it plays(way 2)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New Log in picture

 There's a new log in picture :D

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Orange puffle can be bought

 The orange puffle is out!

Here it is in the Pet Shop
 It looks soo sweet
It can be bought for 800 coins like all other puffles...More pictures soon
-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Orange Puffle-soooo cuteeee

 The Orange puffles are sooo cute!Check these pictures of the Orange Puffle in the newspaper
Awww aren't they cuteeee
Look at them!One of them is eatin' the picture...other one is licking the glass...third one is jumpin'...Sooo cute

This one is hungry for sure...

Looks like it loves to play with Hula-hoops
Weee-hawwww!Ready for fun....

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Screenhog on Puffle Design

Hi everyone, it's Screenhog!

It's the time of year when we honor the island's best pets - puffles. Way back when Club Penguin first launched, there weren't any puffles at all. But a lot of you asked to have some kind of pet to adopt and we decided to make up a completely new creature. That's how the puffle came to be. Actually, you guys even decided on the name "puffle"!

Last year we showed a couple of the original sketches back from November 2005 when artists first started sketching what a penguin's pet might look like - we wanted to show some of those again (in case you missed them) plus a few more that have never been seen before.


What do you think?

Hey, if you had the chance to design a make-believe pet, what would it be like?

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on February 24 2010 01:13

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Orange Puffle Coming

Puffle Party!

Hello Penguins!
The Puffle Party is still going strong for a few more days, and I hope you and your puffles are having a blast! I got a kick out of the Puffle Show, with the Puffle Grooming station and all the races going on. What did you think of it?


Some of you may have noticed that the party was launched earlier than expected last week. This was part of our new earlier launch times that I mentioned last Tuesday.

This week, things will be happening a little earlier than usual again. The Puffle Party will be wrapping up on Thursday morning Penguin Standard Time, and the new Sports Catalog will be launching then too. It also means a special surprise will be arriving early at the Pet Shop...

Wednesday surprise.jpgSo make sure to enjoy the Puffle Party while it's here, and let us know what your favorite parts were!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on February 22 2010 09:32

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Puffle Toys!

Hello Penguins!

The Puffle Party's in full swing and it looks like you're having fun with your pets! We've heard from some of you that you've spotted a furry orange creature in a box somewhere... And we've been seeing you try to lure it out by turning orange and offering it food. Good luck getting that puffle to come out!!

Lots of you have told us that you like the puffle toys, so we wanted to give you some info about new ones. This is from our Series #4 Pet Puffles:

Picture 7.png
What do you think? Along with puffles, there's more new stuff coming - including Limited Edition Penguins and Mix 'N Match figures! The toys are coming soon to a bunch of places including Disney Stores, Toys "R" Us, Target, and the CP Online Shop.

Don't forget to send in your photos because they could make it onto the Penguins Around the World gallery - we always love to see your creativity!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on February 20 2010 09:42

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Herbert's Revange

'Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force - Herbert's Revenge' (NDS) Announced - Screens
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge follows the misadventures of Herbert – a vegetarian polar bear who can’t swim and dislikes the cold, introducing new mini-games and feature mission-based gameplay that’s been embraced by kids around the world.
The original DS game, which was released holiday 2008, offered an innovative new way to extend the adventure and storyline of Club Penguin onto a portable platform. For the first time, fans were able to experience the fun and imagination of their favorite virtual world while on the go. The game sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide and spawned a popular downloadable mission, “The Puffle Pranksters,” which has been downloaded by kids around the globe at an incredible rate since it launched this past holiday season.
“We were very pleased with the incredible response to the first DS title, and the kids have given us tremendous feedback, making it clear they want to experience even more Club Penguin adventures on DS,” said Merrifield. “Developing a sequel was a great way to meet that need while exploring more ways for fans to experience the Club Penguin virtual world offline.”
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge follows the misadventures of Herbert – a vegetarian polar bear who can’t swim and dislikes the cold. Returning characters include Gary the Gadget Guy, Dot and Rookie. Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge will introduce new mini-games and feature mission-based gameplay that’s been embraced by kids around the world, both online at and on DS.
“Featuring new mysteries, missions and mini-games, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge will continue to entertain and delight kids around the world,” said Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. “Fans of the original DS game can expect to navigate through popular, familiar elements from the virtual world, plus numerous new adventures and gadgets unique to DS.”
As with the original DS game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force:Herbert’s Revenge allows players to earn coins that can be seamlessly uploaded to their online Club Penguin accounts or used to make purchases in-game. Fans will also be able to unlock special locations in the virtual world at
Club Penguin is one of the largest and fastest growing virtual worlds for kids. It’s a snow-covered, online playground where children interact, play games and let their imaginations soar. From new games to theme parties and special events, there is always something exciting happening in the world. Club Penguin is enjoyed by kids and families in more than 190 countries around the world and is available to play in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.
I found this info in the Worthplaying site :)
-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Orange Puffle

 Orange puffle spotted at the Ski Village...There must be min. 10 orange penguins!I took some pictures

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New Catalogs

 The new Catalogs are here too :D

 And the Igloo Updates...

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Puffle Party 2010

 Puffle Party is here!The member place is at the Ski Village
Inside there is a free item!
There's also a free item in the Plaza :)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Preorder CP's new game

 Preorder Herbert's revange game from here now!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

What's New?

Hello Penguins!

Last Thursday when we had to launch earlier than normal, we got a ton of comments that you liked getting the new stuff early! You may know new content usually launches later on Thursdays (Penguin Standard Time) and we've heard from some of you that when there are problems with it, you have to wait because the team's not always around to get things fixed right away.

We're working to make things better and wanted you to be the first to know that starting tomorrow we're going to launch content earlier in the day. Hopefully this will mean fewer bugs... and tomorrow it will mean that everyone gets more time to play at the Puffle Party!

Blog Feb. 17th.jpg
Thanks for your patience with the changes - and if you can, we'd appreciate if you could help spread the news to other penguins! In the meantime, what are you looking forward to at the Puffle Party?

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on February 17 2010 10:23 | Comments (0)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Puffle party

Hello Penguins,
The Puffle Party is almost here, set to start February 19! I've got an update from the team, along with a couple of sneak peeks. Take a look:


What do you guys think? Does it look "cool"?

The Puffle Party will have lots of special rooms, decorations, games... and a surprise for members!


So are you and your puffles doing anything special to prepare? Or if you don't have any puffles, are you thinking about adopting some? Share your ideas in the comments!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on February 15 2010 09:00 | Comments (19)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Happy Valentines Day

 Happy Valentine's day Buddies!Also happy Chinese New Year!I wish you happiness,love and luck!Luv' ya' all!
                                                                     | | |
                                                   Just a random Valentine picture :D

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New EPF game

Herbert's Revenge!!

Hey Agents!

It's been over a year since the original Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS came out. We've heard that lots of you like it and you've even been asking if we're making another one. We're really excited to be the first to tell you about the brand NEW EPF game for the Nintendo DS that'll be released mid 2010!! Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge will have cool stuff you said you liked from the first game - and TONS of new surprises.

Since the team's building it right now, we want to be able to show you some behind-the-scenes work we're doing. Just for a start, here's a sketch of something you'll be seeing in the game...

epf sketch1.jpg
What do you think - would you and your Agent friends hang out here?

In other news: A few months ago we posted an image of a mysterious penguin and we told you she'd be helping Agents sometime in the future. Some of you said she looked a lot like Dot the Disguise Gal from the original Elite Penguin Force Game for the Nintendo DS. You were right!! You've been asking more and more about a new mission and we're going to have some news for you really soon. And yes - Dot's involved...

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on February 13 2010 07:06

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

The secret of the Bamboo forest

 The new Play is called the secret of The Bamboo forest...first find the Feather...
 Go back to the stage and go to the other side...
 Get your background

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Orange Puffle!

 Orange puffle spotted!
First look at this video...

And look what I've spotted...
There is even more ...on every half our the Orange Puffle appears in the Ski Lodge and in the Box Dimension
More info soon

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)


Hello Penguins! 

As we told you on Tuesday, we've been working hard to make the game faster for you with new servers. The team's run into a bug and we're not going to be able to deliver the Club Penguin Times when it normally comes out. 

The team's working really hard to fix the problem. We know a lot of you read the newspaper as soon as it comes out and we want you to know that we really appreciate your patience. 


In the meantime, we've heard you're noticing the improvements to the game! I'll keep you updated on our progress with squashing this bug and we'll let you know as soon as it launches.

Until then...Waddle on! 
-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on February 10 2010 05:45 | Comments (27)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)