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Penguin AIRlines

 Hello penguins!1 idea just came on my mind!!It would be soooo cool Club Penguin to have planes!!!!So we can go to Rockhopper's Island!!!Here are my ideas...

 I hope that Club Penguin can realise that idea :-*
-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Ninja Footprints

 Remember when I told you that all Ninja Shadows are gone..???Well now the footprints at The Petshop are BACK!!!
Thanks to my friend Saraapril for tellin' me

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Fall Fair Consructions

 Sorry for the late post but me and Mom went to The Sky City Mall :-) We bought shoes bag for Daddy
 :-) Very cool stuff...Now let's jump into fall fair stuff..At the lighthouse we can see constructions for it..Also we know that fall fair starts September 4th..So that means that...after 1 week...And that means that Rockhopper will visit just for his OWN party...Remember when he bring all this fall fair stuff???

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New Pin & Catalog

 Let me first show you the pin...

 It's a koi!!!Also there's a new sport catalog!!!
I love the chearleader stuff

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Migrator spotted

 The Migrator is spotted at the telescope!!!Go check this out!!!

 Sorry for the late post!!!We just had no internet!!!
-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Sport Catalog Surprise!

Hello Penguins!

I've got something to show you! A new Snow and Sport catalog comes out on Friday - It's full of new gear like football stuff and cool cheerleader wigs. The team's been sort of hush-hush about it but I let them know I wanted you to see it they gave me this:

FootballHelmetsSketch.jpgI thought it was pretty awesome! What do you think?

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on August 24 2009 05:38

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New things!

All new things are out!First let's check out the stage...
I love it!!!Isn't it awesome!? It brings me back to the sea ...
 Let's now check out our igloos...
Be sure to check out the plants bringed by Rockhopper...
The new catalof is cool!What do you think?
For the igloo...The window is cool!

So this is all for now!!!See ya!!!
-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Happy77 talks new play!

Greetings Penguins!

There's a new play at the Stage on Friday called Underwater Adventure. I know lots of you are curious about it, so I talked to some of the artists who worked on it. Here's the scoop:

What inspired you about doing the costumes?
For one of them, a delicious meal I once had was the inspiration... tasty...

Tell us something cool about the set!
There's an entire sea castle to climb in! And a secret shadowy sea creature in the distance.

For this play, are there treats underwater?
Well, chocolate bars tend to get a little soggy, and cotton candy is a mess...we could have tried sea salt taffy - but I'm pretty sure we didn't.

Picture 2.jpgIt starts Friday! Head down then and make a splash.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

p.s. Yay to the Festival of Flight happening for longer than planned. It's so amazing to have the island up in the air - hope you keep enjoying it. It comes down tomorrow.

By Happy77 on August 19 2009 12:25

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

What is it to meet Gary-met him 2 times...

Wow!I met Gary 2 times.I just left Half Pipe(where I saw him for 1st time) and logged in Flurry where I met him again...

 Here's me with the Background :-)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Festival Of Flight

 The Festival of flight is here....
The free item for members and non-members is...

Now let's show the the free item that is for members only ...
First go to the Forest and go into the balloon...

When you reach the tallest Mountain you'll find a JETPACK!

 You really need to see the Cloud-Maker 3000!

After you made some clouds look at the binoculars and the telescope :-)

Now let's check out the Underground Pool...

Hmmm...I see only 2 glasses...But we need 3!Bad I guess...

Did I forget anything?Tell me if I did.Oh!The pin!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Final Festival Of Flight Preparations

 This post contains all info we have about the Festival of Flight :-) So let's read :-)...Have a good reading...
On August 4 Billybob gave us a sneak peek of a new party coming up!
 Soon after that the start screen was changed...
And the preparations started...
help gary.jpg
 Gary started to ask himself questions...
 But finally it he is almost ready...

FESTIVAL OF FLIGHT!August 14-18 in Club Penguin...

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)
Hi everyone! Screenhog here!

Penguins may not be able to fly, but that doesn't mean that Club Penguin can't! In a few days, for the first time ever, Club Penguin will be an island in the sky.

When we first thought of the idea of putting Club Penguin in the sky, we loved it, but then we started asking ourselves some questions. What happens to the Beach or the coastline of the Cove? Can penguins still play Hydro-Hopper? And what does a device powerful enough to lift an entire island even look like, and where would we put it?

For the full answer you'll have to wait until the party, but I can show you this behind-the-scenes concept art from when we were trying to answer all these questions ourselves:

Pretty neat, huh? Have fun at the party!

-Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on August 12 2009 11:10
-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)


 I'm back!How you know I was on a holiday!Now I'll post more :-)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

A Party & A Play!

Hello Penguins!

There's tons of buzz about the Festival of Flight party that's coming August 14 - 18...and lots of creative stuff happening all over the island. Lots of you are already helping to get ready:

help gary.jpg
We've also heard that some of you were wondering if the Underwater Adventure was going to be another party like the Festival of Flight, but it's actually going to be a brand new Stage play! It'll start on August 21 - just in time for you to trade your flight-gear into fish-tails.

Let us know what you think!

Until then...Waddle on.

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on August 08 2009 11:25

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)