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Book Room Contest

I can't Wait The Contest It's tommaroe cool!Here is What Billybob said:

Hello Penguins!

The Book Room story contest starts tomorrow! We know that a lot of you have great imaginations and love to write and many of you have suggested that we run another writing contest! I can't wait to see who wins!

Here are the contest details:

  • Starting Thursday, May 1 go to the Club Penguin Times and find the contest page
  • Pick a theme
  • Write your story (up to 500 words)
  • Submit it (you can copy and paste into the contest form in the newspaper)
  • Submissions will be accepted until May 7
  • 3 winners will be chosen and their stories added to the Book Room on May 30!

In other news: You may have noticed you can now play Club Penguin in 'Big Screen' mode! It was launched yesterday--something many of you have suggested for a long time! When you login to Club Penguin the view mode of Club Penguin will be bigger than it was before we launched this feature.

To make the 'Big Screen' mode bigger or smaller, simply change the size of your browser window by shrinking or expanding it. As always, let us know what you think!

Until then...waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on April 30 2008 12:11

Secrets Of The New Game

1.If You Are Lucky you could find blue Diamont.It gives You 100 coins.
2.Sometimes you can see RED or BLUE lines.The RED on means that in the place where it is there is a RED diamont.The BLUE one means that in the place where it is there is a BLUE diamont.
3.Sometimes you could see litlle stars.They mean that there are coins in this place.
4.Here is how the kind of diamonts and the coins cost:
Red diamont:25 coins
Blue diamont:100 coins

Rockhopper's Quarters Cheat

Here is one cute cheat.If you put your cursor on the place where is shown you will find out the cheat.Here are the piCs who you will see:
1:Rockhopper and Yarr.
2:Rockhopper and Yarr on Rockhopper's Island.
3:Picture of Rockhopper.
4:Picture of Yarr.
6:Yarr with Rockhopper's hat.
7:One Club Penguin Day.
8:One Club Penguin night.
Wow there are two new rooms.The first one is the crow nest room.And the second one is Rockoppers quarters.The key for it is a t the book room on the last page of rochoppers book.

Rockhopper's key

Ok many penguins are waiting for this moment.I will tell you Rockhopper's key is in Rockhopper.Guess what?Cp didn't relased the key on the island.Afcourse they didn't relased it.They' just forgot about it.Or maby we need to find Rockhopper to get the key?No.Rockhopper said that he will hide it on the ISLAND.So wait tommarow when I will tell you where the key is.Also if you find it today(I will be stuped) please tell me bacause I can't find it.
Here is a list of Famous People I saw:
Gizmo(one and fast)
They are more, but I forgot them.

Rockhoppers Part-ay

Wow It's very cool.But some people were on this part-ay.Aren't they?Ok Here are the Cheats.
At the Ski Village

Free Item:
Sailor Hat At the Plaza

It will come on Monday

New Room-rockhopper's Quarters

The New Room-rockhopper's Quarters.Why?Here is one clue I found.Also tommarow is Rockhoppers Party.I will Post.

Rockhopper returned.

He give us free items too.


Ok.The new newspaper is out.The importen think is this page.And the psa page.

New room sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of the new room.Is this a zoo.? dino park?

Mission 7 Guide

New message

There's a new message at Rockhopper's ship.Here is what is it:

New Mission

Hey there is a new mission.I can't find out how to make it.Do you.If you can tell me please tell.I did all without the yellow puffle.Oh what to do?

Clock Tower(update)

Here is my theory how the Clock Tower is broken.
The Polar Bear got our Spy Phones.Then go away from our island.Then they(Polar Bear & Crab) find a way to find their cave.They wanted a ravange.They know that we can't live without time.The Polar Bear is kind of smart.Herbert P.(The Polar Bear) got our Spy Phones and in the midnight when all penguins are sleeping he and he's friend(the Crab)went to the Snow Forts and with the tools in our spy phone they broke the Clock.Thismade to the Cucco Clock in the Ski Longe too.Then they went to their cave and now are waiting to us.Why?Because there is a trap.Be carefull in the next Mission who G(Garry the Gadget Guy)will give to us.

new furniture catalog

Ok lets check out the new catalog.First the new secret is when you click on tha palm tree you can get it.Also the new igloo is with garden.We have vegatables & penguin ghnoms.

New thinks

1.Ok.Lets start with the new mission.At What's new place in you will see a sneak peak.In the HQ you will see a new message.
2.The clock at the Snow Forts it's broken.We need to make it again.Ohhh.
3.New igloo with garden.Yey.Woo hoo.
4.Rockhopper is back!I am so happy.There will be a party at 25th of April.
5.Oh I am tired from typing.So Ok there will be new postcards tommarow.
Now bye I am in my school's computer place.

ClubPenguin is updated!

ClubPenguin is updated!It's very cool.There are some updates like THE EGG timer is there too.The logo is changed.So what to say.Just cool.Also if you wanna make a penguin page is changed.So The pages in are changed.Just visit!Bye bye.

Update:Billybob answered at the question where are the prises for testing servers.Here is the answer:
Some of you are probably wondering when you'll get the 'reward' for helping with Server Test. Don't worry, it hasn't been forgotten about but it can't be delivered quite yet! We need one of the new features to make it happen. I'll have more info about it next week!

Big day(updated)

Today 14th of April is a big day fror Club Penguin.The new servers will be launched.Everythink will be changed. game is shutted down.Club Penguin will be down for part of the day on April 14 between 12 am (midnight) and 3 pm while the new servers are being launched.

Egypt party

Joanna7777 hasa Burthday party.
When 27.04.08,9:00am
where Starts at the stage in server ITEY <----

New play at the stage

It's awsome.The coolest play in Club Penguin.So check it out!
The New pin is at the book room and Rockhoppers Journal is there too.

Migrator & News

The Migrator Is Ready.Cool Huh?Here are some Pictures:

Also In the newspaper G tells to us somethink very importen.The Polar Bear Is Back.Here is the Letter:The secret code means To Unlock This File Turn All Puffles Black.

What Billybob said

What Billybob said:
Hello Penguins!

Many of you have been helping to test the new servers at the Club Penguin Improvement Project and we're finally ready to launch them! We will be changing out the old servers for brand new ones but unfortunately this will cause some down time.

On April 14, Club Penguin will be shut down between 12 am (midnight) and 3pm (Penguin Standard Time) so we can change out the servers. Its a bummer that we need to do this, but I think the results will be worth it!

When you go to after the new servers are launched the biggest difference you'll notice right away is the website itself. The team has been working very hard on a new design for the site. The new servers will also make it possible to do some cool stuff with the game in the future, but all that is top secret right now.

If you want more information check out the Club Penguin Improvement Project at

EDIT:Here is what could be the special gift:

Mimo777's Party

Wow his party rocked.I saw many famous penguin and some of them add me like mycatcartman cena1212 straw000 and many others but the coolest is that I was the fifth one who sent friend request to Mimo777 and now I am his friend.Bye for now.

Sneak peaks

Here are some sneak peaks from the new CP:
Old Logo New Logo New page with Fun Stuff


New Site