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YELLOW PUFLES we can buy the yellow puflles.thy re so cool.what do you think?

coins for charge

low look this picture.Its on at whats new!

bad luck

Nobody come t my party only 3ppl.OH my.My friends in real live go to my acaund and all my money go away.I try to make them again i make them and my cnnection was lost.All my money go away again.I,I,I have bad luck.Who will give me an ideal what to do.


Sorry but my party will be tomarow 25.11.07
Place:My iglo on the map

puffle round up

if you play puflle round up you will saw the gold puflle.OMG.

western party

i think the western party is stuped but here its a list of the free items:background in the dock,pin at the cove,free item at the plaza,bacground at the forest

rockhopper t-shirt

heres a picture of the rockhopper can find it in the clubpenguin shop.

much more cooler postcards

hey look clubpenguin make some post cards much cooler.
and theres a new pool and newpictures and coloring pages in if you wanna see more jokes i the news paper click on the jokes button in the jokes page in the newspaper.theres a new newspaper heres the link:

Rockhopper bring new items

Hey i look at the comments for rockhopper in the cp site.There was a qestion and billybob answer it starnge look at the picture:

Plaza thetre

Hello.The theatre is very cool.i will tell you the secrets on it click on the lamp and move your mause.Click on the screens.And you can see the golden pufle.Omg today i see a penguin with golden puffle how

new news paper

new newspaper come.and with him much more new game from me send me comments where the golden puflle was show last time?
b)Ski lounge
You can be the big winner who will get a acaund password
the first people who answer will be the winners the first thee winners


Today i was see rockhopper.I will tell you only one think he isnt in the full servers.i was see hem in Bonza.



Strange in every 15 minutes i think when you go in the plaza its a strange noise and the door of the cinema open without I to click on it.

Golden Puffle

The golden puffle is cary.First it was in the halloween party in the forest and in the mountain.Now its not halloween at it show up in every 15 minutes in the plaza!What a crazy puffle

i am here again

sorry i wasnt post time ago .ut now in the plaza will be cinema.the ne pin its at the dance lounge and rockhopper return cool huh? i will go the concurs to sing at be the plaza are big changes . cool huh.

mission sneak peek

hey this is the sneak peek.