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Ice bearg alert!Fireworks!

There is a Ice bearg alert look at the binocular at the beacon!I think this is rockhopper who from cold is became part ice.
There are fireworks at the mountain and at the icebearg!

New free item

The new free item is... scarf.It is spotted at the ski village in a big present.

bling star

when you go to the balcony you will see a big star.wait some seconds and you will see it will bling.

bird cheat

When you go to the ski lounge at ?:30 or ?:00 you will see a bird who get out from the clock but for christms it is with hat.

christmas party

Santa hat its a the snow forts and the rudolph hat its at the dock. i do not like this christmas party.


look my igloo decorated for christmas

too many thinks

wow you can coins for change now.the stage is changed and the free item bell its at the plaza.when you wave with it there will be a song

speaker cheat

Here is a litlle speaker cheat.Firs go to the gift shop or in the sport shop.Then find the speaker on th picture.Put your cursor(mouse) on it and it will move.

Cool emotes

hi.This is a list of the new emothes.They are so cute.

Rocket Snail and Penguin chat 3 wow this cant be real


hi.The new clowting catalog cheats are here.And the flower icon its back.Here is how to do it.Be sure you are in no tiping mode.then click E then click F.

Orange puffle

wow this pic is from mr.funpenguin's it real?

New emotes

Wow Clubpenguin will make new emotes and the flower emotes will be come again cool huh?.I have a countest you need to tell me number from1 to 10 in a comment.Remember only one number.And the first penguin who will tel the right number will get free acaund.Remember make you e-mail.Only then I can give you The free penguin.

puffles for everyone

i seen an very intersting comment on my site look;Cena12121 said... Hello

Do you want the Yellow Puffle and your not a member? Well, the T.C.P.C. Team has an idea! We made a site called and in that site, you can send us your penguins names and in the futer we will Email Club Penguin about letting the Yellow Puffle be for everyone and the Email will also have all the penguins names that support this campaign! If we get alot of names, mabey Club Penguin will let the Yellow Puffle be for everyone! Please make a post about the !

Thanks for your support. If you have any questions or comments, please Email us at !

Thanks!And remember that we CAN make a change!