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Everythink is cool

Wow there are awsome thinks at the beach.Now we can again see the pirate flag!
The new lures are at the Sports shop.I bought one!And I cought the grey fishes!Also the blue puffle changed to pink puffle.
The new pin is at the underground pool!It is Aqua Grabber pin.

March events

St.Patrick's day is cooming.Here is a sneak peak.Also here is the list of Clubpenguin ideas for the upcoooming mouth march:
  • TWO Awesome Parties!
  • A Brand New Game!
  • A Sport Shop catalog Update with a new Game Upgrade!
  • A Scavenger Hunt!
  • And as always: New Pins, New Clothes, New Furniture, And More!

You will not be banned

Penguins with cheat site,I e-mail CP.I asked them a simple question:If one penguin make a cheat site it will be banned?They answerd me today.Here is the answer:
Many penguins like to create fan sites, as long as the penguin and the site
follow the Club Penguin Rules the penguin will not be banned.
Look!You will not be banned.So make sites how many you want!
Please look the glitch down.

Dance with the newspaper!

To dance with the news paper go to the ice bearg.Go to the place where is show on the picture.Open the newspaper.Open send to aunt arctic a question thingy.Now click on D.You are dancing with the newspaper.Nobody else see you.

Party ended

The Party ended.But The Save The Migrator project beggins.Look at the beach.There are the items from aqua grabber!I think there will be next level.Also Clubpenguin forgot to put the basket in the beach.What next?Maby we will rebuild The Migrator and Put Baloons in it.:-)Or maby We need to put the rebuilded Migrator at big wood box and send it to Rockhopper's island.:-)Who know what ClubPenguin is doing.I just want The Migrator back.My heart want it.Oh,Joanna evrythink will be ok.
P.S I made a movie.It is called Billybob vs. Joanna7777.This is the first part.Warning this is not real!Soon I will pu it on internet.Episode 2 wait in March 10!

Billybob is not banned forever!

Billybob is not banned forever!I now this and before but if someone do not bealive me here is a picture.This picture is from the oficial club penguin blog so you can coppy it.

New Furniture Catalog

The new Clothing catalog is here!The Catalog secrets are this from the old catalog.

The Club Penguin Times

The Mystery of The grey fish
On Febuary 29 in The Sport Shop there will be a new Catalog.In it there will be thinks.And with them we will can catch the grey fish.

New Book
New Book in the Book Room soon.This night I dreamed this new bok and when I saw the newspaper I was so exited.Am I a Magican?

Aqua Grabber

The new game at the Ice Bearg is Aqua Grabber.Here are some pictures.In the end of the game you will get golden pin.

Sub Marine

The Sub Marine party It is not ending.And there will be a new game at the Ice bearg.You need to get all the pieces of Rockhopper's ship.It's notat the Ice bearg yet but i will come.

O and Z super effects

Cool Huh? You can make it too.Please comment.

I win the Jet Pack Andventure game!

I win the Jet Pack andventure game.It have 5 levels.The last 2 are so hard.Wow.In the game there are some G inventories like Air Generator3000

Party Cheats

Here are the all party cheats in pictures.Just click on the place where is show.


Wow The new pary is here.The place I so much like is The dance Lounge.
The free items are in the book room and at the forest.Also the machine for the migrator saving its nearly ready.There its a poll at the Ice bearg what name to give for that machine.The pin its at the Cove.Cheats of this party...

Party Sneak peak

Here is the party snak peak.Cool huh?It looks like the water party or like the summer party


Here is a 3D of G's machine.

the problem with the logg in is fixed

the problem with the logg in is fixed.And this is not the end of CP.

Can't logg CP?

I can't logg in CP from 4 hours.What is happening?Is this the end of Club Penguin?No,it can't be.

How the machine for the saving of the migrator will look

The new play at the stage is Team Blue's rally Debut

The new play at the stage is Team Blue's rally Debut.Its realy cool.

Ice bearg

Looks like Garry plans are starting to work beacause at the ice bearg are lots are thinks to do.Also there is a free item mining hats.

News paper

Hot news.
Garry the Gadged guy never seen rockhopper.And now he want to help him rebuild the migrator.Also at Febuary 15 will start a partyFor saving the migrator.Garry said the only way to save the migrator is to get it piece to piece.

Safe the Migrator Sneak peak

on Febuary 15 will start the big party for saving the MigraTOR.

Telescope change

Migrator is gone ferom the telescope!Rockhopper too.That is happy new.I think rockhopper will remake the Migrator.

joanna7777 cool dance

I met 2 Famouse people

I met Xtra C0ld and Panpap.Cool huh?here its a one funny pic no edit.