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+ Cheats

Here are some special + cheats.Here are they with special credit to Kalin116.

The Mountain is moving.

When you throw snowball in the lighthouse it turn to a paint ball.

April Fools Cheats

Here Are the April Fools Day Cheats.Have April Fools.

You can wash puffle's Teeth.And look at the binocular and the telescope.Cool huh?

April fools day 2008!

Today started the most silliest party of the year - April fools day 2008!Propellor hats from 2006 are back in the ski village:

And ofcourse the swirly glasses at the cove:

And finnaly the pin:
you need to connect all the dots from 1-50

Hackers Everywhere

Hackers.I saw them at mamooth.Here are some pictures.I dont like hackers and i told to CP.

April Fools Newspaper

New April Fool's Day nespaper is out.There are many draws.I don't like the fool when they sais the penguin of the mounth is Joanna7777.But is not me.There is no Aut arctic the is ask garry the gadget guy.

Migrator rebuilding

Migrator is ready for can help when you put on the fireman costume.

April Fools Day Sneak Peak

April Fools Day Sneak Peak
April Fools Day Sneak Peak
April Fools Day Sneak Peak
Yey.It looks.:-o its very very bad for me.Just Just I dont like it.

Future Colours

I was thinking very good that what new colours there will be in clubpenguin in the future.Here is what what at made:

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt is funny and SCARY!You will see why.
1.First egg at the Underground Mine.
2.Second egg at the Dock.
3.Third egg at the Pet Shop.
4.Fourth egg at the Book Room.
5.The next egg is at the Gift Shop.
6.Sixth egg at the Plaza.
7.This egg is in the Lodge Attic.

Pin who does not exist.

One of the oldest pins in clubpenguin is the starfish pin.I ws in the Mine Snack now is back!But when you want to get it says:This item does not exist.Wow.Maby it will be relased tomarrow.


The new Newspaper is out!Let's check what is in:Migrator rebuilding is getting harder.The Scavenger hunt is cooming out tomarrow.The new in focus page is for the Snow Forts.

New servers and Party

In CPIP there are new new servers.Yey.Also I wont give more party hints my party will be at friday 9am pst at server yeti the dock.

Club Penguin Yerbook

The new year book is out.I have no words.This book is so special for me.Very very special.

Saint Patrick's Day Party

The St.Patrick's day party is here.It's like a parade.The free item is giantic St.Patrick's hat and it is at the Ski Village.


Wow.The Migrator is cooming very better.It looks like it will be ready at 30.03.08

New pin

The new pin is at the Boiler room.Also the pin is one of the paint by letters books.

New Stage

The new stage play is out!It's space andventure but with effects and with a background.

New newspaper

The new newspaper is ou there are many news .
There is a new invite for the st.patrick day.
And more about the migrator and the beach.
There is more about the new books.
And also now we know that the Space andventue play at the stage will be with Squid zio vs.Shadow guy and gamma girl effects.I think that
the new pin will be rainbow.IDK why.I think the ivite for the st.Patricks day look like the dance club or the ligthouse or the beach or the beacon.In focus thingy in the newspaper there is more about the beach.
The easter egg hunt.This year the eggs will be hidden by ?.
Yes.I think there will be one egg in the forest.


Here I can told you 100% the real.Here is information and it's real.

Ninjas are a very secret aspect of Club Penguin. When you click the N on the main page of (on the picture of the Dance Club), the big penguin will put on a Ninja costume. But the "Ninja Mask" may just be the superhero mask. Ninjas outrank Secret Agents; this may be because only moderators can be a Ninja, but we can't be sure. Many sources say that Ninjas have access to the "Ninja Hideout," as Secret Agents have access to the Spy Headquarters. Ninjas were actually a playable character in Penguin Chat 3, an old version of Club Penguin. There was once a rumour that stated that you could become a Ninja if you went to the Dojo and stood still for 30 minutes, but this rumour is proven UNKNOWN. This rumour was created by "Sanity Penguin", a notorious hacker who invented the CP Trainer of EVIL!. You can pretend to be a ninja, simply by turning your penguin black and then pretend!. Various people hack Club Penguin to attempt and get Ninja suits!.Billybob confirms there are ninjas planned for Club Penguin in an official blog post’s comments. This was during beta testing of CP. 2. In old Official Blog archives, they refer to the Dojo as “the Japanese room.” Japan? Ninjas? Anyone see a connection? 3. If you click the N in nightclub on CP’s homepage, the big blue penguin turns into a ninja. 4. When Jet Pack Adventure was launched, there was an official blog post showing Billybob on the launch pad. He was a darker black than the usual black color. 5. You can dress like a ninja by using CP trainer. But CP trainer takes all the clothing off Club Penguin server. That means that there is ninja clothing on the server, (which means it was created by the moderators and does exist) you simply can’t access it through the catalog

Ninja Hideout

The Ninja Hideout is the Secret Agent Headquarters for a type of penguin called a ninja. It is questionable whether ninjas exist or even the Ninja Hideout.


The Ninja Hideout has a long history. It includes the Penguin Chat part.

Penguin Chat

In Penguin Chat. the Ninja Hideout was supposedly the Boiler Room. However, not like Club Penguin Boiler Room, the Penguin Chat version of it was a hidden place that few knew the way to.

Club Penguin

In Club Penguin, there are even more Ninja Hideout rumors. For instance, most think the Ninja Hideout does not exist. Some believe it is the Dojo. Others believe if you become a moderator, you have acess to the Ninja Hideout. I guess we'll never find out!

Because of rumors and people hacking to become ninjas many people think the ninja hideout does exist. People Hack all the time and if you see anything on youtube about people becoming ninjas it's probably not true especially the one about waiting 30 minutes in the dojo thats just a waste of time