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April Fool's Party

FREE Items
There are 2 free items!First is at Silly Room at Snowforts!
And it is Jester's hat!

The second item is at the Dock...You must draw 3 paintings to earn it!

The Clothing catalog...

Ready To be ECO!Then buy the brand new clothes from the gift shop!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

April Fools

Hello Penguins!

It's coming fast - the annual April Fool's Party happens in Club Penguin starting April 1st! The team's been working to make lots of funny things all over the island. There'll be jokes - some practical and some not - and loads of surprises. Also, members will be able to check out an area where they'll have the chance to show off their joke telling skills...


What are you and your friends looking forward to most at the party?

By the way, the team wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who voted at the Penguin Play Awards! Check out the winner of Best Play - Quest for the Golden Puffle - now on at the Stage.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on March 29 2010 04:37 | Comments (50)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)
Hello Penguins!

It's always cool to see what you're doing on the island when an event like the Penguin Play Awards happens - we're seeing TONS of you doing different stuff at the Pizza Parlor.

Also, the team loves what you're doing in the Stage and all over the island with your own speeches, interviews and acting! The red carpet's going to be gone on the 28th so make sure to get your votes in.


In other news... There are some new songs for your igloo this weekend, including the music from the Pizza Parlor at the Penguin Play Awards! Let us know what you think!

Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on March 26 2010 11:26 | Comments (55)

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Club Penguin Headquarters Exlusive video!

You must see this video!It is very interesting!
So cool!:)))))

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Penguin Play Awards Party!

 Penguin Play Awards is here!
Here's the vote booth...
There are few free items...Video Camera,Golden Penguin Award and Press hat


The new free item camera!

And now here's what is going around...The Pizza Parlor is a Premiere Pizza!
The Town is decorated too!
So have fun at the Awards!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Baseball Shoes-Club Penguin

 In the real life I love baseball shoes!My fav shoes ever!And now Club Penguin release a pair!

 They are a bit "Boy themed" but they look cool...Maybe they'll look to a girl too...???I want a pair of these but with different colors

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Walking on air - Puffle Rescue

Have you ever wondered why there are some strange portal block in the Pink Puffle level!?!Or why there are arrows....That's because you can walk on air and get 200 points bonus!

Then if you go to the portal you get to the start....

! IMPORTANT ! You can only walk on air in levels 1,4,7 and I didn't play them to the end of the game and where you see an arrow!Don't try to walk on air anywhere else!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Fun Moments at Puffle Rescue

 Here I will show 2 cool stuff in the new game!

 1-If you play The Pink Puffle Game and do lvl.1 without loosing a life in lvl.2 you'll get a coin back with 200coins!

2-At the Pink Puffle Game in one of the lvls. you'll have a *Bat Ride*

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Puffle Rescue Cheats!

The game is here!
You can play it at the mine...
If you go to the Hidden Lake and try to enter the 3rd place it will say that you need a key

More soon...

 I just wanted to get the  key so I started rescuing the Black Puffle...But...I got to level 23 and it was gettin' harder and harden and then I lost the game >-< I just can't play anymoreeeeee

But actually I don't think that the key is at the end of the game...I just need to follow the let's try!
So I followed the squid...You may ask"How!?!".Well at level one at the black puffle game I got the puffle and waited a bit...Then I saw the squid...I  followed the balloons that he left...So here where did I go...

Yay!Now click enter!
And get the key

Lots Coming Up!

Hello Penguins!

Puffle Rescue launches March 15th and the island's getting ready to rescue! I wanted to give you another sneak peek into what the new game has in store for you. Here's a screenshot from some of the levels...

levels.jpgWhat do you think?

In other news, the Penguin Play Awards begin this Thursday! Lots of you have been getting ready for the big event at the Stage. Be sure to vote at the booth for your favorite play - and have your say on which one returns to the Plaza in April.

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on March 14 2010 09:55

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Club Penguin Black Puffle collection

 Check out the site!They released a Club Penguin Black Puffle Collection

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New Catalogs

 The new  March  catalogs are here!
 The new igloo is super cool!
Now the furni...
 It's super cool too

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Mine Construction

 We already know that there's a new game coming :D But now the construction is almost ready :D

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

I bought Toys!

 Today I got some Club Penguin Toys and unlocked cool stuff like-MP300,Black MP3,some hoodies and t-shirts.Here are pictures of my toys.

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New Game "Save the Puffles"

 Today till I was playing in my favourite game site-Miniclip I saw this banner:
Let's close up!

 "Save Puffles in a new game"-Maybe they mean that there will be a NEW game in the secret caves!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

Puffle at the mine!

 Check this out!
Also the puffles at the Stage and at the Night Club are missing!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

New Catalog

 The new Clothing Catalog is here!

There are soo many cool stuff

 On this page if you click on the big red button you'll get a secret item too!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)

What's Coming Up In March

Hello Penguins!

March has arrived, and that means lots of exciting new events are coming up fast!

Starting this week we begin the countdown to the Penguin Play Awards. For those who didn't make it last year, it's a huge event where everyone votes for their favorite Stage plays from 2009. Check out this sneak peek of the Plaza...

Penguin Play Awards.jpg It'll kick off March 19 - How do you think you and your friends will get ready for the red carpet?

In other news, Rockhopper's been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon, so that means he'll be on the island soon. And later this month you can keep your eye out for a big surprise - a brand new game! I can't say much about it, just that you'll need to be quick... and ready to come to the rescue...

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on March 01 2010 09:31

-Joanna7777(CPCG Creator)