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Penguin Mail

Here is some info for the Penguin Mail who Billybob gave to us:

Penguin Mail Update

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Hello Penguins!

I hope all of you who received the CPIP Server Test thank you item are enjoying it! There's been a lot of talk recently about the release of the new features and I want to give you an update on all of them, but to make it easier, we're going to focus on one per post.

First--and the feature I'm most excited about--is Penguin Mail. A couple of weeks ago I talked briefly about an update to the postcard system. If you missed that post, you can check it out in the archives of this blog.

The team has been working really hard on this feature.

Here's the logo they're playing with.

It will also be way easier because you be able to send buddies a postcard even if they are not logged in, and you'll also be able to delete and SAVE your mail.

As always, we would love to know what you think. So keep up the feedback--it helps a lot!

I'll have more info on Penguin Mail, the new player card and login next week.

Until then...waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

Cpip Testing Item & More

CPIP Free Item Is Out!I do not get it in my inventory But I know it From another site to who I give a credit.So the CPIP Testing Item is...
Look Down If you wanna see it.

Also.Zorbaks,When I for First Time Started Posting You were with me.You Helped me for many things.I helped you too.You are the only one who knows what girl am I realy.So...Do you want to work toghether?To make music videos and songs?If you Don't want there is no problem.Please, Answer me if you want.I will be so happy.
Plus The flower Pot Is near ready here is a piC:

...Red Hard Hat!Here is a PiC:
Also there is a PiC
my Fool Colection of Hard Hats!

New Book Stories!

Hello Everyone!There is a new book in the BookShelf in the Book Room.Have fun with the new stories!
P.S-The CPIP Testing Item is not relased yet.Just Be patient.



Wow.Billybob told us when the CPIP Item will be ralased.Here is all the Info:

Thank You Item for Server Test helpers! By BillyBob on May 26, 2008 1:53 AM | Permalink | Comments (26)
Hello Penguins!
Many of you have been waiting VERY patiently for the thank you item for helping with Server Test in March and I wanted to be the first to let you know it will be added to your inventory on May 30! I don't want to ruin the surprise about what it is so you'll have to login on Friday to find out.
This item is only for those who helped with the Server Test event in March. If you logged in to help test you will receive the item. We wanted to deliver the item through Penguin Mail, but this feature along with the new login and player card won't be ready for the end of May like we had originally hoped. The team has run into a few really big bugs that will take some time to sort out. They hope to have the new features ready to launch later in June.
In the meantime, we'll be posting some updates on the new features--they may still have a lot of bugs to squash but they've done a lot of great work that we could definitely use your feedback on.
Check back in the next few days for an update on Penguin Mail!
Until then...waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

Party Over

Hey everyone the Medieval Party is over. Everything is normal. Also Now you can see the Ninja shadow at the Lighthouse again.

* The treehouses are gone.

*The Pin is at the boiler room but on the boxes.

My Coolest Post ever

Hello Everybody.Here Are some variants how the Gama hat for the cpip Testers will look:
In the new Pet catalog there is a Koi Pond here are some PiC's who are proof what you can do with the Koi Pond with the arrow keys:
Also Here is credit to this guy who made that interesting note here:
This page is all about unexplained secrets that I have noticed on Club Penguin. You can respond to what you think of each one that I have put on so far. There are TONS more I am planning on putting in in the future. I will update this page whenever necessary. Feel free to email me and or post if you have any others that I can put on. If you don’t know what is worthy of being part of the notes, it is usually close ups, hidden signs, mistakes, predictions and wonders. Thanks so much!

(above) this note was again submitted by the fan, jcturtle001 and it is a mistake that Club Penguin made on their ship. From the inside, it looks like the Club Penguin island is right out the window. One floor up, the whole island is gone. Instead, it is located on the opposite side of the room. Clearly a big mistake.

(above) this next note was submitted by a fan of my website, dart211. It apparantly looks like a secret passageway that is located in the mine, Unfourtunately, it is not actually a room, but it looks like it leads to one. Maybe this might be another construction project in the future.

(above) if you have not noticed, alot of G’s inventions have his name on it. This is another example just like the clock. It has the “g” in the corner of it in agent language. Does this mean it is another one of G’s inventions? The speakers have been in the nightclub for a long time, maybe it is one of the old ones.
(above) the super rink has many views to it that are displayed on the map, the snow forts, and some other temporary places. As you can see in the photo, the lighting is different than when you first enter the rink. Instead of two lights: one on the left and one on the right, there are four of them. Another thing: the bleachers. Outside of the rink there are 2 sets of bleachers, but when you walk in, there is only one on the left side. The last thing that is different is the ice itself. The top left photo from outside the rink shows only one circle carved in the ice while the map shows five. I thought this was a pretty cool thing to show on the notes

(above) The pizza parlor is a great place to just sit and talk to most of your friends. There is nothing else on the menu but pizza: cheese pizza, fish pizza, seaweed pizza, the list goes on and on. There has always been that oven in the corner of the pizza parlor with the dough inside. My first instinct; and everyone elses first instinct is to think, “hey, those are pizzas!” Well, if you look closer, it seems like they are just really big cookies. As shown in the photo, there is no sauce, no cheese, no crust on the sides. It is just dough with dots that look like chocolate chips. Also, why would there even be an oven outside the kitchen? I thought the whole point of the pizza maker game is to make pizzas, but what is the point of the oven being there?


(above) here is another picture that shows the proof of ninjas in Club Penguin. If you look over by the net, you can see the shadow of a ninja penguin. It looks like it is waiting for something. You can see his sword in the picture. I wonder if this is a sign or not. I just noticed this now, and maybe Club Penguin will have ninjas finally. Well, it is hallween, ninja penguins would make a great costume. I predict that something having to do with the ninjas will happen this following year or so. What do you think of this surprise? Is this really the ninja’s shadow?


(above) Here is something I had noticed on the map for Club Penguin. In the photo, you can see that the light is on in the Lighthouse. What I thought was weird was that if you look very closely, you can see the rays of light coming out of the Lighthouse windows. I would have never thought this would be possible knowing that Club Penguin is always in daytime (except for the eclipse at the halloween party). Wouldn’t the light not be visible? Also, why is it on in the first place, when ships can see land in the daytime. All this is a mystery; the Club Penguin people never realized the difference between night and day.

(above) Ive never seen any penguins with no white area on their stomachs. If you look really close on the LCD screen television you can tell that these penguins are, how do I say, “less designed”. Well, maybe it was a small little detail they hoped nobody would notice. I know from normal view, they look like little blobs. I guess they wont update though, because its not such a big problem after all

(above) This one is sort of like the one I had pointed out along time ago with the door in the cave. This is the dividing line in the “nonmember” igloo I had noticed. As you can see by the ice bricks on the wall, they sort of align in a dividing line straight through the middle. I remember noticing this when I was a nonmember way back in september. I thought it was kind of neat and I remember having wars with my other buddies (a LONG time ago!) as a nonmember. Maybe CP put it here on purpose, maybe it was an accident. I just wanted to point this out.

(above) This one is another close-up that someone noticed in the pet shop. Well, wen you open the puffle catalog and zoom in on the puffle food, you can see the ingrediants that go into the food puffles eat all the time. I thought this was another weird thing to point out and I think it is kind of random. That last note, “do not use if pets are allergic to applesauce”, I was really confused. Well, maybe its just nonsence, but I think there was some purpose of putting it there. Tell me what you think.


(above) Hey everyone, have you noticed there are different color food dishes in the pet shop? Thanks to Dublanous1 for recognizing this. This was sort of like the note I made about the sports shop and gift shop, well, its just another interesting thing that might happen in Club Penguin’s future: different colored pet bowls. Well, there were other things in there that werent in the catalog, but that is just pet food. There is pet food included on each puffle, so this makes it the only thing that stands out. Let me hear what you guys think of this.


(above) Theres something in the help menu that gets sonfusing for me. You probably have not noticed this, but the pizza apron was released as a free item in the past. There were a couple of other things that became member items, like the bowtie, red and blue sunglasses, and flower hat. Anyway, if you have a nonmember pizza apron, you are still able to buy one in the member catalog! That means you have 2 pizza aprons on your penguin. I thought this was a mistake cp made and its probably the same if you buy the others. Its so weird that, both of the aprons look exactly the same so I have no clue what the difference would be between them. I just thought this was a cool thing to point out.


(above) Theres something weird I keep noticing on CP. I think you guys should notice this too, but the colors are different for some of the penguins. Remember on that post made on the cp blog with the jet pack adventure? Well, the color was different then the normal penguin black. As you can tell in the photo, the two are different colors in darkness. Same with the penguins in surfing! There are different color blues. Also, on firefox internet, some people have noticed that this color of blue is found right when you enter club penguin. Weird huh?
(above) Hey guys, remember those days when the scoreboard was up in the ice rink? I remember that one day, it got broken and CP took it down and said they would bring it back sometime in the future. Well, for now, you can still see the scoreboard in the first mission for the scret agents. This was another one of those mistakes Club Penguin missed. Well, this is just something neat to know.

Hey Everyone, its dublanous, ive decided i don’t need to ‘ask sky’ to put this entry in. Well anyway, cp needs to update this, in the FISH book. There are two more special dances, one, is the ice cream apron, and the other is the hose. Sorry sky if u didn’t want me to do this, but i knew it would take too long to email you.


(above) Can you please tell me what this thing is? The big orange thing. I am not sure exactly what this thing is. It might be a sled of some sort, but I know that sleds do not have steering wheels. It might be some thing that goes on your feet. I don’t know! This big orange thing has been confusing be ever since I first layed my eyes on it. I have never seen anything like it in real life and I don’t think I will ever see it. If you have any clue what this is, please comment below.


(above) Have you noticed something awkward about the dock, beach and iceberg? The thing about this picture is that all three connect together almost perfectly. As you can see in the photo, this makes it look like a mini island, or something. It was kind of easy to tell. I think it is mainly because the sides, curvers and bends seem to look alike and so does the background of the photos. You can put it together by taking the right side of the iceberg, the top side of the beach and the bottom side of the dock and putting them together. I don’t know if Club Penguin meant to do this, but I thought it was kind of cool.

(above) I know at first when I noticed the mystery building by the ski mountain, I had immediatly thought it was the lodge. Well, yes, that does seem true, but it is not. Notice how the lodge’s chimney ends right on the roof, while the mystery building has one that is taller. Also, recognize the color of both and they are different. Well, if you were on the ski mountain, the lodge would be right below the area where the arrow is pointing, not the other direction. This means that this building is still a mystery. I know it is not the dojo, because the dojo is high in the mountains and alot father East. I think that this building was a mistake. I could not be a new location, because there would be no room for it on the map. It could just be an unused place. I’m not sure, tell me what you think of this.


(above) The Club Penguin fish is known as “Fluffy” and as said in the newspaper for this week, pictures of Fluffy are scattered throughout Club Penguin. These 11 were talked about and they are found in the coffee bean catching game, in the clothing catalog under the pizza penguin, in the fish catching game, on every penguin coin, through the window in the cave, through the binoculars at the cove, in the jet-pack game, in the palyer card background, in the fish basket at the lighthouse, in a photo on the wall and on the grandfather clock. This is sort of like to boey one I wrote a while ago; just sort of a weird hunt you can do.

(above) Heres something I have not put up here in a while: hidden close-ups. Have you noticed that if you look at the side of the clock tower, there is tiniy writing in secret code on the side of it. If you translate it, which I did, it says “By G.” G is the inventor for Club Penguin and this watchtower is one of his projects that was completed sometime in February 2007. Its kind of weird though, I mean, there might be hidden messages all around CP and I am trying to keep an eye out for those. This one is credit for Dublanous, who spotted this one.


(above) I know I have been posting alot of notes on the clothing shops, and it just appeal to my writing. Well, alot of people have thought that the gift shop and sports shop looks exactly the same. That is what I thought too, I mean I just realized this today when I went in to explore on the topic. Well, nobody even thinks about the walls; it stands out so much that we dont even realize how different the two shops look from each other. One of them has blue walls, while the other has pink walls. I seriously never noticed this until now and that is why nobody would notice it. While on this picture, do you notice that manican of a “human” head by the changing rooms? Its hard to believe that this is the only human look alike that Club Penguin will ever have. I just wanted to point that out.


(above) Here is a confusing photo that some of you have never even wondered about in the past. The photo on the left shows a pole at the top of the ski hill. Nothing other then that at the top. The photo on the right shows a large building; a little smaller then the size of the lodge and two flags swaying at the top. Is this a mistake that CP has not caught? I think it might show what would come in the future. Maybe CP will update it and make the top of the hill bigger and include a top level. This has confused me ever since I looked really closely at it. Tell me what you think of this.


(above) Yes, the ski lodge seems like a pretty creepy place. Like the last post where I pointed out the clock, it does seem like a very very old room and so there are lots of confusing mysteries that go along with that. The biggest mystery of the ski lodge are the creepy shadows. As you can see in the picture, the photograph above the fireplace shows a very familiar shape. It looks just like a puffle; staring down at the players of find four all the time. Another thing that goes with it is the moose in the room; staring directly at it. Well, maybe the moose stands for protection and they are protecting the penguins from what might have happened in the future or past. Creepy isnt it? Right next to the photo is some sort of “note,” right under the moderator sign. Yep, this room is pretty creepy.

(above) Hey, have you noticed that you can still change to time in CP? Well, if you didn’t know, to change to time you press the icon at the bottom right of the screen and change it to whatever you want. I realized that when you change the clock right before the hour is up, you can see a bird pop out of the clock in the lodge. I thought that was pretty neat, and the chances of seeing that are pretty slim. I just saw it one day when I was playing in there. All I heard was the noise, so that gave me some suspicion about it. I think it messes up the computer if you leave it at the wrong time, so make sure you change it back!


(above) Ok so basically, I was really confused about the summer party coming up because of this popping in my head. My question is: Is there really a summer party in Australia? Isn’t it on the southern hemisphere? I know that on the southern hemisphere they are about the be experiancing winter, and we are about to experiance summer! The holidays stay the same, but not the seasons. This is coming up now because all of the past parties have been for holidays! Not seasons! I want everyone to check the Australia server during the summer party and see if it is decorated. If it is, Club Penguin needs some common sense!


(above)Yes, you know this already. The gift shops is the only place to buy clothes, yet CP literally gives away what is going to happen in the future, and this is one of the examples of these kind of cases. Yes, this wall does not seem that important to look at, but I think it symbolizes what lays ahead of us. Two out of the seven circles have items that have already been released in the catalog. In the one im standing next to, the red sweater came out. The one by the changing rooms shows the yellow and blue raincoats, which came out also. If those happened, why not these? The snowboards in the center look really cool, I am thinking they cam out sometime . The tennis racket, to the way left, can out in the next sports catalog. Its not just this shelf that shows the future of clothing, there are more, such as in the CP secret agent missions. What a great find. Do you think these will come true?


(above) Have you noticed that when you play the third mission, there is the area where you find the combination? Well, you already know that it also shows the items in the catalog, plus some other game you can play. Well, I noticed when I was playing on my non member that the catalog file has not been updated on that computer. It still says March 2007, the month in which the game comes out. I think that this is a mistake the CP forgot about; probably a minor detail. Anyways, I just think that it is a cool thing to know about. Especially if you are new, you get to learn a bit about CP’s past in a way…


(above) This is something you would have never expected of CP. You have always seen the pizza penguin with the pepperone on the apron. Thats really normal right? Well, once the new game, Pizzatron5000 came out, something had always confused me. Okay, so theres the seaweed in both pictures, but what about the pepperoni? Shouldent that be up there? This might have been a mistake that CP made because what pizza parlor would not have pepperoni on their pizzas?


(Above) Have you ever noticed all of the boeys around Club Penguin? I have found that they all have a different number on them and I wonder if you find any more of these boeys in CP. The ones here have 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. I found some of them in the game of Jet Pack Adventure. Others were found in the Lighthouse and on the Beach. See if you find any more with different numbers on them. I am not talking about the gray ones in the tubing game. Anyway, I think all of these boeys represent something. Maybe they were a contest that was never thought of in the past of CP. Maybe it is a new feature that will open up in the future. What do you think these numbers stand for?


(above picture) Heres something weird that I noticed: the two colors on the 3D glasses switch places when you start dancing! Well actually, I have known this for awhile and I still can not believe that nobody has pointed it out yet! Well for this to happen, you just put on the 3D glasses and dance! The blue and red switch places on one pose while your dancing so it will go by pretty fast. AND STILL NOBODY NOTICED IT!!


(above picture) The map is one of the easiest ways to travel around in club penguin. It has most of the places layed out for you. You would expect that every place that stands out can be something you can click and go to; except this one. Have you ever noticed a small, scalloped area at the bottom of the map? It looks like some sort of hidden base or something. Ever since I have joined club penguin, I have thought that that was the base for the secret agents. Because at that time. I wasnt one. And ever since I have became a secret agent, this still confused me. There has been alot of talk about ninjas coming up. Maybe it is some kind of room they can go, or something. Maybe we can actually click there! Except you have to follow some sort of code. I have no clue what to say about this, but all I know is that it might be a new room for penguins to go in in the future. Even after the map changed, this scalloped line is still there! What do you think this is?


(above picture) Here is something I have been noticing every single time I play cart surfer. This picture was taken in the mine shack and this is of the cave wall. This thing is about this is that the cracks in the rocks are shaped as a doorway or something. I thought this was pretty neat and it may be some kind of opening that will come in the future. As you can tell, I have already outlined the door. It might knock down if you drill at it. I am not sure but I have tryed. It really looks like it could break any second. Let me hear what you think


(above picture) Do You see anything un ordinary about this picture? I will give you a hint: it is at the top right corner. The problem in this picture is that when I was playing sled racing, I noticed that not just a star showed up on the race track, but 3 other smileys. of course other people are playing the game, but why a smiley? Doesent a smiley mean that the penguin is your buddy? It even has the same face as the buddy list smiles and the same reddish mouth. While I was playing this game, none of the others were my buddy. I am thinking that this was a mistake that club penguin has not yet found. Tell me what you think of this picture.

One Upon a Time lived one King Family.The King and the Queen had One dother and one son.They lived good before that...
...One witch with a special spell from a magic book made a dragon.It lived in the Mine.Every Princess who went there died.Many knights tryed to save them but couln't.
Court Jaster who made every day King's family laught invited his best friend Knight Adreu to come to Princess's B'day.When he came and saw Princess Andrea they became best friends.When they saw for second time Andreu gave to Andrea gold necklase.She put it on her neck momentaily.Knight Andreu went to a batlle and Princess Andrea was alone.She went to the mine snack and saw a piece of wood.On it whrode Princess Welcome Knight Go away!Andrea went in and what to see...
...A dragon.
The dragond tryed to hit her with fire but the Golden Necklase stoped the fire.Then The Princess started to shout.Knight Andreu came and asked:
-What is happend?Did the dragon hurt you?
-No.Lett's teach him to be good.It can bacomeour own litlle dragon.
And today they live away away from us with their litlle dragon.
-You knew about the dragon.-said the princess.
-Yes, I knew that is why I gave to you the necklase.
-But how the dragon do not have powers when the witch gave to him.
-Because Kourt Jaster Died to kill the witch.
-What that mean?
-He you so much.He really loved you and gave his live to make you save.He knew that you will be there and did that for you.
Then the Princess went sleep.In the other morning everythink was normal.Kourt Jaster came to make Laught all the family.But before He started the princess said:
Stop doing this.I love you.
Kour Jaster Laught and said:
-From where you know that I like you?
-Andreu told me.
-That means that the bad witch who made the dragon is not so bad.
-She told me about that?
-Yes It as she.
-Why she need to.
-Wait a minute she is your sister.
-Just Jokeing.
-I do not love you but I like you.Friends?
-Oh what a dream.
-It teached me to cherish the people.
-Cherish the people makes your self good.

What to say... ...Wow!

What a day.Hear me...
...You know that the new catalogs are here.
But do you know that The Wizard Hat Is Back and it is at the Lighouse.
Yep.That is.Also the new Pin is at the...

What New

Here is a list of all things who are cooming soon in Club Penguin and the posts for them:
1.New word Selector:

New Feature update: new world selector!

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Hello Penguins!

Meeting up with buddies in Club Penguin is really important--I know because it's something a lot of you say is difficult right now. In fact, it has been on of the top things suggested for improvement from many players! Your feedback on this issue has been a huge help. The team knew right away that one of the first improvements they wanted to work on was to make it easier to find your buddies when logging into Club Penguin.

Some of you had great ideas about making the login function better--a popular one was grouping worlds based on those you visit most often!

That's part of what the team is working on right now. They are totally rebuilding the way you login to Club Penguin! The new login feature will make it a lot easier to locate your friends online--and the worlds will be grouped in a way that will help you stick with the buddies you play with most often.

The feature is still being worked on and as always, any suggestions or ideas you have will help make Club Penguin even better! So let us know what you think!

Until then...waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team
2.Penguin Mail:

New feature update: Penguin Mail!

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Hello Penguins!

Wow! Thanks for all your great feedback on the feature updates we've shared so far. It's totally helpful!

Because of all your help, you are going to be the first to hear about one of my favorite new features the team is working on! I'm really excited about it and could hardly wait to let you know about it!

Over and over again, we've heard great ideas from you about improving postcards and now that the new servers are up and running we can add some of them.

The feature is called 'Penguin Mail' and it will be launched in the next few weeks along with the other features. It will be the first of a few big updates to the current postcard system in Club Penguin.

The coolest thing you'll be able to do as soon as it is launched is SAVE all the post cards you've received and you'll finally be able to send post cards to buddies even when they're not online!

I'll have more details on Penguin Mail as it gets closer to release. As always, let us know what else you'd like to see and what you think of things so far!

Until then...waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

3.Player Card Update:

New Feature update: Player Card

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Hello Penguins!

A lot of you have mentioned that it's really hard to find the item you're looking for in your inventory and it can take a long time. It can get confusing too, especially for those of you with a lot of items!

I wanted to let you know that the player card inventory is being improved at this very moment! When the new features launch at the end of May, all of your clothing and accessories will be better organized and really easy to find. The team has been working really hard on a new design for the inventory--a lot of you have suggested grouping items and making separate tabs for them and I think you'll be happy with how it turns out!

As always let us know what you think! I'll have more info next week on the next feature!

Until then...waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team
Bye Bye for now.I hope that I helped.

Igloo Catalog Sneak Peak

Lol.I found a sneak peak from the igloo Catalog!Here is the Picture.I think It's cool,but not the best.What are you think?I like much the bannerrs with the orange,green and purple puffles.


Yea you hear right:Herbert is back with more?Strange things are happening with G and Aunt Arctic.From weeks G feels bad.He needs a holiday and can't work.Aunt Arctic could't read all the questions who penguins sent to her.And answered only to 2 questions.That is strange.IS THIS HERBERT THE POLAR BEAR'S WORK?Look this pictures for proof:
I hear that Ninjas are cooming back in June.And I think is real because if you go at the Lighthouse you will see the ninja shadow again.I know because before the party I saw it.Now I am scare to go in my igloo because there I am alone and...
...If I saw a ninja what should I do?

Medieval Party

Wow.This is awsome.I like everythink.So the free item is at the dock.Bye for now.The cheats are so many I can't post them all.
Also be sure to check out this rooms:
Here is the list of the things you need to see:
The magic mirror#,hmm nothink else.:-|
#The magic mirror is spotted at the mountain.You need to ask it a question then to put your cursor on it.It will give you an answer.I don't know will it give you the correct answer, but you can test.I tested it and at me it works.