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yellow puflle

Hurry up!The yellow puffle show u[ evry three minutes at the forest!Here its a picture!

Mission information

Did you think?I think.I hink for the new mission.And i think i know what woud it be.Di you watch the scary film in LIGHTHOUSE.I think the new mission will be to stop the sled.I find somme clues.The picture with the witch in the coffee shop move her eyes.When you go do the mission avalanche rescue and go to the ski lounge look at the sled i think this is the live sled.Thats for now.Bye.

Halloween Spooky

Ok the candys are in the forest in the pizza in the mountain ski lounge beacon in the bance club you have to ask the puffle in the coffee shop in the binocular in the cove.But - New mission sooon!!!!!!!!!.Look at this picture.

Hey hallowen

Halloween its tommarow.Put your costumes.Be shure to get your Jack-O-Lattern and go get candys.
More Info:In the Halloween Party will be Jack-O-Lattern(s).You have to search or get from somewhere CANDY(S).You will get a prize(s) or free item(s).

Halloween in Our family

Hey look I made a pumkin!

Sneak final peek

2 year calebritation

Sneak peek

Hey i have the new sneak peeks.But i cant go into the coffee shop.And when i go there in one moment i see a change.I see the change in the coffee shop.Do you know the trick with the giant braclet?No?Go to the book room.Go in the down corner.Click on the stairs.Then click on the book.Open rockhopper and the stormwayway.Then go to the page with the braclet.Click on it and wait.;-).Before the giant braclet was only it the coffee shop.Now its everywhere.On the telescope.On the map.In the dance club too.And in the mountain.Everywhere.This is the change.look.


You know the new catalog items.But do you know what to do in puffle round up to get more coins?No?I will tell you just to cetc the red puffle.The can be in every level.So look carefuly.Here its a picture.


Hey look sneak peek.
Litlle chance with big award.
2 Eyer calebritation.
New to do.


Ninja's are back.Their shadows are in the mountain.Cove.Light house.And in other places.Why what happening?And i found a steps of ninjas i think or one ninja.

New Ice Berg/Island

Hey look new to the ice bearg its have other ice berg/island i was thinking this is part from the ice bearg,but not it can not click on it.What is this?

Snowball Press

Hey look did you ever seen the books in the coffee shop are from snowball press?

New hair

Look i was know.Its hair.But i dont cooming to tell you that.I will tel you new emote!And not only this the post cards for halloween!

New hair

Hey.Lokk you will dont't bealive me but its real!The new way to decorate your penguin its the hair.Lokk at the news paper.On the picture who i put here you see a PENGUIN.bUT LOOK AT THE RED CIRCLE.It's a hair.Bealive me!


Hey look i made this post card do you like it?

hey look

hey look this cool sites:

Joanna's poster
look this!!

Super big screen of clubpenguin

1.go to:
2.Go enywhere.Not in the place where you are first.
3.dont click to the chatbar. on F11 on your keyboard.

Now you play clubpenguin like a game in big screen.

New way to decorate your penguin

Here’s what I think it might be: New hair, new puffle clothes, New beak/eye/flipper colors, gloves, necklaces, or ear rings.

4 contests

Please!Please!Hear me!I know 2 of the countest one its for Halloween dress up the other is for good Halloween Igloo.The other will be for the 2 eyers Clubpenguin.I say you the real i am realy know this.If i am not sorry.

What is that

Hey look this picture!!!

Hey the new catalog is here

The new catalog its here!If you click on the princess dress you will get fairy wings!

Hallowin countest

Joker for the bad picture

He is Boss at somethink.He have too many mashines.

Beta Hat Color

Congrats!You Found the secret link adn now I will solve you the Mystery.The colors are...

... Orange and Purple!

Winners in Aunt Artic Picture



Win this coutest e-mail me on and send me who is on this picture

G is late!

G is late with the postcards!hehehehe...
...Today he sent all the secret agents a postcard teling that we need to make the Mission!Hehehe.We already made the mission.But I am happy co'z the postcard looks cool.

Winner of the Rockhopper bad picture


Hey BillyBob give us a sneak peek and a message:October is always a big month in Club Penguin and this year is no different! Over the next 4 weeks there will be a ton of new stuff including the Costume Catalog (with some new costumes and a few old favorites), a new Furniture Catalog, 2 parties, 4 contests, a brand new way to decorate your penguin, when i see this i want to save us it and the name was Hall-Decoration.Strange maby there will be a hall!?