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Can you see .

Hey.I have a picture.You have to see who is on this picture.Send me hes name.O and there are one penguin and one more live think.Look and send to me who is to

To all agents

what is this text

Fall Fair end Hallowin starts.

The Fall Fair will be leaving on Monday (including the fair games), so make sure tell your buddies and enjoy that last couple of days of the party. The next party will be the Halloween party at the end of October.

The pin

The pin its at the SNOW FORTS at the right snow house taka a look.

How to get friend ship braclet

Go to the book room lokate at the coffee shop.Click at the book down.Click on the rockhopper and the stormwayway go to the last page with the bracled and click on it.

How to see it

Go to the cove look at the binocular wait 10 seconds and:

How to catch the mullet at the ice fishing

Go and ice fishing in the and of the game put a fish on your line dont put it up stay and wait the big fish woo hoo.

Club Penguin Map secreds

New items catalog.

Look this is a picture from the items.
There are secreds at the catalog:
1.Click at the CD rack to see a stary night painting
2.Click at the home sterio for the disko lights.

Strange P.S.A 2

I see what whride at the secred text its a secred word i think its strange.I think its a secred code for the new missions.

Hallowin Party

The Hallowin Party starts from 24.10.07 In the gift shop from 05.10.07

Need CP sites

This are need CP sites look at them.

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