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Woo-hoo!Finaly fireworks!Here are they:

  • You can see them from the Mountain.
  • You can see them from the Iceberg.
Also the Ski Lounge Attic is full of snow co'z of the-

February fun...

Maby this is kind of a partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Waddle Squid

The new mission is out!It's easier than ever!Here are the awards:

GUIDE-Coming soon!

P.S-In short-So we caught Herbert...
...but Rookie save him!
So now herbert is FREE!
I knew that G is the director of PSA...
...but he's not.He's one mystery penguin that apeared in the mission.
The Golden puffle statue was found in the Mine.

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

No new mission

Sadly there's no new mission in Club Penguin.So here are my guesses:
  1. The CP team has problems with updating or something else happened with them.(98%)
  2. Herbert P. Bear ate G.-Because Herbert P. Bear sent Clutzy like a spy into the HQ.So Clutzy saw that Gary is sending postcards to the agents for a new mission.Clutzy told Herbert...And Herbert ate G(Herbert is vegitarian).(0,1%)
  3. THERE IS a new mission.But we just need to do something to get it.(1,9%)
So if you want to talk about that lets go to server Polar Bear(co'z Herbert is a polar bear),at the HQ(Co'z we are secret agents). See ya!


-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

New message at the HQ

There's a new message at the HQ.It's about the upcoming mission.

Also here's what I think about the blank screen:

P.S-There are no fireworks!The ClubPenguinTimes™ said that today the fireworks will start.

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)


Today G and Coins for Change™ sent us some postcards:

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)


How was your Christmas Eve?What presents you've got?Here's what I have:

This is a stamp with my name!

I have more things but I just didn't take a piC of them.

Club Penguin Logg In screen is changed!+Christmas Eve is today!

Hello everyone.Today is Christmas Eve.I just wanna wish you very,very cool holidays!

Now!The logg In screen is changed!Here's how it looks!:

JOKE!Here is the real one:

Now bye!I wish ya all happy HOLIDAYS!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Be ready agents

There's a message in the HQ!:

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Rocky is gone and there are new servers.

Woo-hoo!We have some brand new servers:Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Ascent, Snow Cap, Snow Mobile
Also there is something so sad!Rocky is gone and the beach is looking strange.
Here it is:

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Vacation time for Joanna & Mission Sneak Peek!

Woo-Hoo!It's vacation time!Yesterday we had a Christmas Partay in school.IT was...
...bad!But I was dressed up like "The Catwoman"!And I looked awsome!I'll give you some piCs later.

Now let's go back into Club Penguin!Co'z this post is top secret and only for egents you will be able to read it only if you are a secret agent(they know this trick).
i everyone! Screenhog here.

There are some questions after Saturday's blog post about the Treasure Book update. New Club Penguin toys will be available in the next couple of weeks - and those new toys have codes that will access the updated book. But if you have a toy from the first wave of toys (like the Santa, Elf, Rockhopper, Shadow Guy, etc.) your code will get you into the first Treasure Book. Sorry for any confusion!

We hope you're enjoying the Christmas Party. The team put a lot of effort into decorating the rooms so hopefully you're finding some fun surprises as you explore.

The new mission will be ready December 29th, and I don't want to give anything away, but it's pretty unique because the PSA will be depending on you more than ever. Here's a sneak peek:

JPGvsHERB1.jpgLet us know what you think.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on December 22 2008 09:23
-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Chirstmas in CP!

X-mas came!Woo hoo!Lets start with the free items:

The Santa hats are in the Snowforts!

The Santa beards are in the Ski Village.

Now the pin...

It's at the Ski Lounge!

The strange is that the HQ is decorated too!

And there 3 new BOOKS!

Chirstmas party starts tommorow

Woo-hoo!X-mas party starts tommorow.Here's what billy said!:

Igloo Decorating Contest!

Hello Penguins!

It's that time again - Club Penguin's Christmas Party starts tomorrow and goes until Dec. 29th. As you're getting ready to celebrate, we don't want you to forget about the igloo decorating contest. There will be 10 Grand Prize (25,000 coins each!) and 10 Runner-Up (10,000 coins each) winners selected during the party. Judges will look for creativity and originality, so use your imagination as you decorate! Winners will be announced in the Jan 1st newspaper.

igloo2.jpgIn Other News: If you don't have the pin that's hidden right now, today is your last chance to find it. Try asking other penguins for help if you're having trouble. A new pin will be hidden tomorrow! Do you have any tricks for finding pins? Let us know.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 18 2008 08:41

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)


Wow!She's awsome!You need to check her post:
Happy77 Blogs!

Hello Penguins! Happy77 here.

I'm so stoked to say hi. Some of you might remember me from way back at the beginning of Club Penguin. Since Billybob announced I'd be writing blogs I know some of you have asked about me. Among other stuff, I do some writing for Club Penguin, love to play Mancala, and I've been told I'm a bit curious...

Happy77.pngLots of you say you want to know behind the scenes stuff at Club Penguin. So, along with some game updates, I'll sometimes be asking questions of the people around here. There's a new mission coming up soon, and I found out that soon Screenhog will be giving you a great sneak peek. But since we're all curious about missions, I talked to an artist who works on them:

What was your absolute favorite thing about working on the upcoming mission?
"All of it. Doing the storyboards are difficult, but the most fun."

What's your favorite candy?
"Hmmm. There's this candy that's kind of like 'breath perfume' that I like."

I want to know all the stuff you're curious about around Club Penguin, so please let me know! (And tell us if you have any fab ideas for new missions!)

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on December 15 2008 09:38

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Weird boxes

There are some weird boxes in the town.They are for the X-mas Partay!

They are even in other places:
Cove & Ski Village!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

RockHopper & Coins for Change!

everyone!Today Rockhopper came.All the ship is decorated for Christmas.The free item is red sailor hat and the other items are Coins for change banner,globe and a green parrot.

Treasure Hunt is turnet into Sweet hunt.The sand is made of sugar and the treasures are sweets.

We have some so interesting facts in the notice board!

Also there's a new igloo catalog!IT's awsome!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Cards Jitsu & Coins for Change

Woo-hoo!Today ScreenHog just made me smile!Card itsu BEHIND THE STAGE!

Screenhog Blogs Card-Jitsu!

Hi everyone! Screenhog here.

So many of you are playing Card-Jitsu, but we haven't shown any behind-the-scenes Card-Jitsu art yet, have we? Well, let's fix that right now:Firefighter.jpgThis is a rough sketch from the firefighter power card animation. Every piece of animation in the game had to have rough animations made first. Here are a few more rough sketches from other power card animations.

Have you seen any of these in the game yet? Any other fun ninja stuff you want to talk about? Send us a comment!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on December 11 2008 08:23

Aslo Coins for change is starting!Here's some stuff from last year:
The free item BELL!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

exist...or not...

Just from there!

Hey and welcome just from the Hot SPOT!We're just in the Sneak Peak!
We've got the Coffee shop decoreted for the X-mas Party!

Lets's start with the wood in the yellow circle!If you click on it(When the X-mas party come) maby you can put it into the fireplace.
Also there's a Christmas tree.
...and yea there's a Christmas Star Flower!

P.S-I'll try to find the SWF of the room to see it how it looks all...

And here's what Billybob promised:
Rocky Arrive!
Coins for Change!
And a few new BOOKS!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Elite Penguin Force

Wanna have Elipe Penguin Force on your computer...
...well in a short version?
...Then Just donwoald it from here:

P.S-You can't acces to the secret room!But you can do everything else!
P.S.2-It's takes a half hour to donwoald it!Also it's very hard to open the game!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Rockhopper is gettin' ready for X-MAS!

Woo-hoo!Rockhopper just decorated his ship for X-MAS!Awsome!So sweet!
P.S-I love the gerland!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

New catalog & Pin

Hey!Today a catalog and a pin came!Lets begin with the pin:
The pin is a snowfort and it's in the Petshop.

Now the Catalog!It's awsome!Full of some christmas things like:
Cookie Costume
Snowman costume
and something not so For christmas:
Baker's apron!

ALSO Joanna's finally a NINJA!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

New Comic & Mission Sneak peak

Woo-hoo!Today Billybob announce a new mission.On the pic. we can see a puffle.If you remember in the last mission Herbert was talking about Puffles.
We can think on this questions.Here are they and here's how inspector Lazy Spy answered them.
  • What is Herber going to do with the puffles?(will try to tell them that the penguins are bad and they need a challenge.)
  • How we're going to understand about that?(Our puffles will go somewhere)
  • How we're going to solve the Mission?(We'll catch Herbert)
  • Is this going to be the last mission about Herbert...Will we catch him?(No...He's our last chance to...)
And here is what Billybob said:

Hello Penguins!

We've heard from a lot of you that you can hardly wait for another new mission! It's a bit early to give you a lot of details, but I wanted to get you a sneak peek so I got this image from Screenhog and the art team:


What do you think? I'll have more details soon, so stay tuned! It might be fun to get prepared for the new mission by playing the previous ones. If your penguin is 30 days old, you can take a quiz and apply to be a Secret Agent. Just click the M on the top right of your play screen, and then click the button that says "Become a Secret Agent".

In Other News: I just heard that Rockhopper will be coming back before too long. His ship isn't visible on the horizon yet, but keep your eyes open for it.

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Here is what I think:
Why is Rory there...
...that's just strange?
Who is the penguin with the Jetpack?
And why all of them are looking at the sky?

Just strange...
also there's a new comic.