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Toy Andventure

Woo-hoo!Today the Toy Game got upded.Woo-hoo!That's awsome!
got updeted!
There are ummm...
...there is a umm. cheerleader!
And Rory.

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Funny Video

This is my first funny video and its about how many time I take for making my maths Homework-
It's not so funny but... is a litlle bit.Its real!
100% real.
I really opened Club Penguin before I start making my Maths Homework and I stopped it just when I ended with it...
Ohhh Now I am going to make my English Homework.
We are with a new teacher...
..she is Кара те да бягаш.
If you want to understand what means
read the SMALLEST Text


-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Fall Fair Glitches

Hey Ppl!oday I've made a video of the Glitchs in the Fall Fair!Hope you like it.

Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Plush Toys

Woo hoo!Club Penguin will have ome PLUSH Toys!
They will come at 24th October-Just when CP's Birthday is!:-D:-D:-D
Maby they will be our presents!

Wanna see how they look?
Here are some pics:

Contest Game:

 P.S-The site with the contest is SHUT-Down.It will open again at 24th.

 Free Plush Toys(Maby):

The page of theese Plush Toys are shutted down too.It will open again at 24th.

EXTRA-Here is what I found:

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)


 Woo-hoo!Hello everybody.I just found whats all about.
If you don't know what I am taqlking about just READ.

1,000 Penguin Viking TOYS Give Away!
Every week Vikings give away!3 week 1,000 DREAMS!
1,000 Vikings with Golden Viking Helments!
Club Penguin are making Toys Give-away.Yay!:-D
All you need to do is to put your penguin name and parent E-mail and then choose your age.
Go now at

P.s -I found this when I went to this site SWF-

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)


 Today I just went to Lady Maryann's site 
and I was SHOCKED!Billybob sent her an E-mail.
There is a link in it.
CLICK HERE to go at the special page.
Go to Lady Maryann's site for more info.
-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Fall Fair!

 HEy everyone!Yaa-Hoo!;-D
Maby you need some info.Do ya!?!?!?
-Member Pize booth-The Member's Prize booth!
Th Arcade Circle is ONLY for members!In the arcade Circle is the Prize booth!:-O
At the Arcade Circle there are-2 NEW! Games!

-Giant Yellow Sunglasses-1ooo tickets
-Candyed Apple-8oo tickets
- Teddy Bear-22oo I think

Non-Member & Member Prize booth- 

You can find it at the FOREST!

The PRIZES are-
-Tiara-from last year.
-Giant Green Sunglasses.
-Yellow baloon Pin.


-The secret pin-

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

New Newspaper

It's me Inspector Lazy Spy Here!
Joanna 7777:Get out of my Blogger Posting System Lazy.
Lazy Spy:I want to tell  to tell " SEARCH FOR THE SECRET NOTE IN THE NEWS"
Joanna777:Bye LAZY!

...She is cool but sometimes she is REAAALY Lazy!

Hehehe.Don't tell her.She will   be so Lazy Angry....

Ok now lets start with the NEEEEEEEEWS!

 Cp remembers us to Keep The nature clean.
To keep your igloo Frogy Green there are some rulest.P.S-My igloo is already SOO GREEN!
So lets learn the rules:
1.Always use your recicle bin.
2.Share some pizza with a friend.
3.Turn your electromics OFF when you are out.
4.Fill your igloo with green or put some vegatable gardens.


Wanna visit my Igloo?
*Opens door*



also there is an autumn pevierw...

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Mission Sneak Peak

 HEY Buddies!Inspector LAZY SPY here!
Today BillyBob gave us a Sneaky Peaky ;-D
It's about the

Coming soon on the P.S.A

Today Billy gave us a Scretch Sneak Peak of the UPCOMING MISSION.Is this thing on the Penguin a glue or a saliva of a GIANT SPIDER?YUUUUCK.;-o 

We will see.

-Joanna7777(Inspector Lazy Spy)
Joanna-Inspector Lazy Spy ;-D

Puffle paddle & Postcard

Billybob said that there will be a Puffle Paddle again in the Fall Fair.Here is some info about it.

You can play puffle paddle at the Snow Forts.

How to play:
-Use your mouse to bounce the puffles and keep them in the air.
-Everytime you bounce a puffle you increase your score.
-Juggle more at once to win more.
-The longer you can keep bouncing the same puffle the more you will win.
 Also there is a new Postcard.Here it is:

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)


Inspector Lazy Spy here again.How you know always when there is something interesting to solve I am postin so I wanted to start with the easy part-This means

 The Fall Fair
cooming in the end of September.
With a new games and an old Cotton Candy. 

Hehehe the Fall Fair is coming back. Woo-hoo! opps!The Inspectors don't do that.But how could someone do not say Woo-hoo! when he Fall Fair is coming?Hmm
*Searchs something interesting woth a Magnify glass .*
Ohh Rockhopper will bring new games and old ones.Woo-hoo!
It should be fun but there is one


;-(In the newspaper they whrote that there will be a...
...members can expect other suprises as well.
Isn't it agnought thet they game us the Backstage Pass?    

The old penguin with new Ideas
Wait for the pirate co'z he is coming.  
Special Thanks to the wind who sent us this letter.Carefully read it co'z there is something that Rockhopper wants.

  WOW.A Real Pirate Talking!
Rockhopper:You heard right?DRESS UP LIKE A PIRATE! 
Just a penguin:Yes, SIR!

Hehehe!JK.I was just jokeing!Don't look at me like that.

Ok so that was I wanted to say.Have a good day INSPECTORS!  

-Inspector Lazy Spy(CPCG Author)

Upcoming stuff

Here is some of the upcoming stuff in CP. It looks so cool!
The Fall Fair party (all the favorites from last year plus new stuff!)They will put back the Icecream booth and the Cotton Candy ofcourse.
A visit from Rockhopper (who always brings cool stuff!)He will come before the Fall Party,bring the decorations about it and just when the Fall Fair starts he will depart,just like last year;-(

Halloween Party (complete with an igloo decorating contest, awesome costumes, and lots of spooky surprises!)Probably the Ghost custome will be back.P.S-I am ready for Halloween,look:
Also here is the front page of the Film I am making with my family for Halloween:

3rd Anniversary Party (Club Penguin is turning 3!)ONE DAY ONLY.

A new Yearbook (with highlights of the past year!)Will by posted in the bookroom on CP's borthday.
A new mission (many of you have been asking about this - I will have more info in the next couple weeks!) Will we catch Herbert?

That's not all of course. Catalogs and collectible pins will be released too! Be sure to let us know what you'd like to see!
-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

I solve the crime!

 Inspector lazy spy again here.I am happy to tell you that I solve the crime!And I will tell you how.You can get an awsome ruby pin,cool dark detective coat and a cool midnight backcground.I will show you how now.

Ruby Pin
 The ruby Pin is awsome.I can show you how to get it.
 You need to click on this items.But they have numbers.You need to click them one by one.
1.The rack.
2.The bin.
3.The notebook.
4.The vase.
5.Te painting.
6.The ruby safe.

Dark Coat

To get the dark Detective coat is very easy.Just click where is shown:-) 


This awsome background is hidden behindthe note at the end of the catalog.You can see in the pic.
So that's all for today from me Inspector Lazy Spy.See ya Detectives!



-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Detective storyes

Hmm Inspector Lazy Spy here.I have notice about the crime in the Stage.I am ready to solve it.But you don't know who I am so I will give you a pic of me, so you can see how I look:

 I am ready t solve the crime are you?But how without a manify glass?Find your magnifyglass at the Dock an come again here.

 Now you already have what you need.Now let's go solve the crime at the stage!Inspectors for all word need to pick code names and go to the stage.Yea co'z the crime is Ruby and the Ruby!Go solve the crime!

P.s-I already solve something :-D
-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

New newspaper

Woo hoo!New newspaper OUT!It's full with Interesting info like

The new play at the stage is till a mistery.:-O
But not for long.Inspector Lazy Spy(Assistant of Inspector Crazy)solve the Mistery!And now we know that the new Play at The Stage will be Ruby and the Ruby.Woo-hoo!It''s talking about Detectives.Woo-hoo.To get a Play Bill click on theese items:

1.Blue Puffle-Shown it the Blue circle.
2. The Underground way shown in the grey circle.
3.The paint.Shown in the Orange Circle.
4.And finaly the boxes.Shown in the brown circle. 

 Woo hoo!But Inspecror Lazy Spy solve many other things like this one:


Notice that on the NightClub Tour Page there was a Girl DJ?  

Hmm,this looks like a HINT!

This are some of the Clothes in the Upcoming clothing Catalog!
Let's see

1.Girly DJ wig with Headphones.Hmm looks like Amy's hair.Haha.Amy is Sonic's want to be Girlfriend.
2.Pink 7 Yellow Scarf. 
Now Let's solve the Last Crime...
Autumn Preview!
 The Fall Fair is cooming how we already know.It will start at 26th of September;-D
Maby the Cotton Candy will come back!
Club Penguin will have their third anniversary!Woo hoo.Don't miss it at 24th of Octomber!
And afcourse how to miss the Halloween Party!Boo!  

Thats everything cool from the newspaper go check it out!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Fall Fair

You can see your self below...
...Fall Fair!
I have no words so see the pic below.
So lets wait till 26th on september!I can't wait! 

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

Sneak Peak

Don't ya think that always when Billybob posts a Sneak Peak we easy solve it?;-) Yea.Today Billybob posted a new Sneak peak.;-)Of the Stage afcourse.I was sure 33% That the new play will be past now I am 100%.
Here is what a sneak peak I am talking about.;-)
I thing that there will be fake Beta hats.They will be a litlle bit diffrent than the real ones.Read more about my guesses  HERE;-)

Also Billybob whrote that there will be a new party soon.The Fall Fair! 

Just wait for the Sneak Peak and you will see with your own eyes.

Also here are all the comments where Billybob said Cool,Good,awsome or Great Guess.That means that it would be right:

Booksrule11 said

Hey BillyBob! I think that the new play at the stage looks really interesting. I think it might have something to do with older times and reporters because of the flooring and the newspaper!
September 8, 2008 11:51 PM
BillyBob said

Good thinking!

Anonymous said

WHOAH!!!!!!!! This is going to be so COOL!!!!!!!!! I think it is going to be like a play that takes place in the streets of the 1920's, 30's. 40's, or 50's where the WHOLE stage will be black and white like the movies and it will be so COOL!
September 8, 2008 11:30 PM
BillyBob said

Cool guess!

KiaTayFol said

I think it is a water tower or a building with a fence around it.
September 8, 2008 11:18 PM
BillyBob said

Cool guesses!

Logan said

That is so cool that yall ar changing the stage i love seeing the nw places clubpenguin has to offer Im going to guess that th stage might be a hide out or something in those lines
September 8, 2008 11:06 PM
BillyBob said

Cool guess!

-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

New Catalog & Stage!

The New WIG and Clothing Catalogs are out!;-)So cool lets see...
Looks like Garry is giving us a secret letter for a new Mission.Maby:-| Keep your eyes open co'z this time Sherlock Holmes will help the Secret agents find Herbert P. Bear And Clutzy.
Go back to CP and buy the new detective costume.
P.S-Only if you are Member of P.S.A.That's TOP SECRET!
  Stage Play
When I said TOP Secret I remembered about The TOP SECRET PROJECT going in it.
I think that It will be in past theme.They are using Black,white, and grey paint colors.;-) I think It will b a past theme.I am 33%Sure ;-D
I think that co'z they were talking about that in the Newspaper. 
Also here are the thing I got Correct.:-)


-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)

;-)Sneak peak,Sneak peak,;-)Sneak peak and again Sneak Peak;-)

Woo hoo new Clothing catalog comes tommorow!Wo hoo!;-)Is it all with Clothes for school?

Lets First take a look at Billybob's Sneak Peak.
Apron-It has blue pain on it.It may be dryer apron.Maby the new "Penguins at work" job will be a dryer.
Bandana-Copy of the red wester one.But it's green with a strange pattern.


Cap-Just another cap from my Cap Collection.;-)

      Bag-For me it looks like a bag.IDrealyK.

Lets now takea look at the sneak peaks in the Newspaper. 
1 A new wig-I am sure that in the New Clothing Catalog there will be this wig.
2 Crazy Gal Wig-This strange red wig is for Totally crazy Gals.
3 Another bag-I will buy this orange bag.I think it's cool.

Interview with Rockhopper

Joanna7777:Hello Rockhopper!How are you today?
Rockhopper:Arr,Ahoy my mateys!I'm glad I see ya!
Joanna7777:Rockhopper what was the feel when you loose the Migrator.
Rockhopper:It's past.Arr!
Joanna7777:When will you show us the Rockhopper Island?
Rockhopper:This is a secret my matey!Harr!

Free Money Cheat

You maby already know about the FREE MONEY Glitch.But I will tell you something that you dont know:
Also If you tryed it you will do not get "YOU WERE BANNED FOR HACKING.YOUR BANN WILL EXPIRE IN:
NO!It will show you this window:
So don't worry if you did that.But don't do it again.You can get much coins with puffle round up.
-Joanna7777(CPCG Author)