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Chrurros Ice Cream cheat

1.Go to the forest.
2.Click on the box with ice cream.
3.The box will open.


Pochoma123 said...

Joanna. I posted on his site and said, Joanna didn't copy you! How could she copy your pics! Her penguin is Joanna7777 and yours is tikihead12!!! That's not copyright infringment!!!! Hope he listens! Hope I helped. Your Friend,

ClubPenguin Cheats And More said...

pochoma123 I thank you so much.I,I i have no words.Thank you so much.

jimy 0123 said...

i believe you joanna777 tikihead12 does not know what hes talking about

Pochoma123 said...

How did you upload your header?

Anonymous said...

Joanna ounce again Im sorry.I was jealous.I know what I've done.I thought your website was better than mine.So please forgive me.Im really sorry.

jimy 0123 said...

i cant post on your other wep site because im not a Google/Blogger:

but pretend this coment is on the other site

thanx so much

too make your site better why not add music to your wep site

and make it so you dont have to be a Google/Blogger:

Pochoma123 said...

Is the message the poll? Because if it is, IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!

toro said...

I live in japan.
I am studying about ice cream and sugary foods.
And I would especially like to collect data about ice cream.

Anonymous said...

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